Kayden: New Guy

So there was a new guy in camp. That's what I was trying to think of it as, a camp, because at least that way, I felt a little less as though I'd been locked away and stripped of all my rights by my own government. So yeah, anyways... Brandon. That's his name;the second boy in the house.  He turned up just after I told Rephy about my new power.

Okay, so by TOLD her about, I mean, entered her mind and scared the living daylight out of her. Woops. Let me tel you now, entering another person's mind is a weird experience. Have you ever seen ther episode of Spongebob where he needs to delete all the useless stuff he knows and just leave how to work? And in his mind there are loads of little filing cabinets? It's actually sort of like that. When I entered Rephy's mind, all around me, were loads of DOORS. Each of these were entitled something different. After assuring Rephy that she was NOT crazy, I walked to the one which read: middle school memories.

I opened the door and stepped inside. Floating in the air were multiple scenes; multiple memories of Rephy's. It was as though they were being projected in to mid air.  I walked up to one of these shimmering memories. It quivered like jelly and then began to play.

It was the start of the new school year. Rephy was ten years old. She walked into the classroom and there he was, standing there, chatting with his group of friends. He had light brown hair and nice hazel eyes. Then the teacher announced the seating plan. She also announced that they were going to be sitting next to each other.Her heart started fluttering.

Awweh, her first crush, how CUTE. I felt her tense up. I chuckled. "Sorry," I said "I'm sort of intruding aren't I?" I had to quickly leave though, because Fifi was getting a little funny with my body. THAT was when Brandon arrived. He controlled fire, and he had a fiery temper to go with his ability. He also smoked too, how appropriate. Sorry, I don't care how appropriate it is... I don't like people smoking...

Dirty smoker.

Meita obviously shared that opinion. Everytime he tried to light a cigarette, Meita would take away the oxygen surrounding his finger. He got so frustrated. It was almost kind of cute.  Just then, Meita had another episode. Nero helped her over to the couch and explained to Brandon that she got headaches from using her power too much.

Not to mention the voices in her head.

I inwardly gasped, and checked no one had noticed. Voices? What's all this about voices. I entered Tami's mind carefully; I hadn't told her about this part of my ability yet. 


I called out

It's me, Kayden!

I heard her mentally gasp.

How did you get here?

I laughed.

I can enter people's minds, remember? I've been practising, I'm much better now. Anyways...

I told her about what I'd just heard.

We need a plan Tami, and I think I have one. I think...

I said slowly

I'm going to go hang out in Nero's mind for a bit.

The End

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