Meita: Flame on, Flame off

I lay in the living room floating in the air on my back. Nero was watching me with a raised eyebrow.

"Okay, I think your calm now" he mutters. I roll over and look down at him.

"Why should I come down?" I mutter. "It's peaceful up here"

"Cause the more you use your powers the worse your head ache" Nero says shaking his head but still smiling.

"Worse her what?" Brandon says walking in and pulling out a cigarett. He just about to light it when the flame goes out. He tries twice more before muttering. "Why won't it work?" Brandon mutters.

"Blame her mate" Nero says gesturing up at me. I roll back on to my back.

"Smoking's bad for you and Fire's dangerous especcially on a flamable couch" I call down. I her Nero laugh slightly and do a flip before landing on the ground. I turn to face them and see Brandon glare at me.

Then pierce. I drop to the floor and hear the rush of feet. "Oh, you idiot" Nero mutters.

"It's okay" I say forcing myself to stand. "I just need to sit down"

Nero helps me over to the sofa and Brandon looks slightly confused. "What's up with her?" He mutters.

"We think it's Power overload" Nero mutters wrapping an arm around me as I kneel over head between knees. "The problem is no one besides her is having them"

Meita, How's her adaption?

Still loss of control sir.

Ah, I see so no progress.

Non Sir.

I gasp and the pain in my head starts to fade away. But I don't sit up cause if I do Nero will remove his arm and it feels quite comfortable.

The End

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