ShadowHide: The Watcher



Yellow eyes watched the guards.  With their backs turned to the bush the grauds didn't see the yellow eyes looking out at them with hate.

   The wolf gave something close to a human snort. How he hate humans, though the teenagers where more better company then the silent guards. The creatures yellow eyes darted to the door. Some foolish human had left it open. If a human couldn't even close the door how would they protect their selves from real danger? They must be stupid! Giving another snort the wolf turned its back on the Unit. Pausing he glanced at the open door again. He would teach them a lesson.

    Turning around he dashed to the open door his slim black body unnoticed by the foolish humans. Once inside the wolf headed to the first door he saw the room was empty no human had entered the room for a while. Looking around him the wolf didn't know what to do. He wanted to teach the humans a lesson for leaving their home unguarded, but he found he liked the soft sofa and it was very warm here. With a nod of his fur covered head the wolf decided he would guard those foolish humans.

    Turning the wolf padded over to the window seat climbing up he looked down at the guards. He snorted and rested his head on the cushion. The wolf, known as ShadowHide among his kind was a legend. He was bigger than other wolfs, 6 ft. long from nose to tail and 4 ft. tall, his long black fur covered body had a muscular build to it. He was ShadowHide proud member of the lunar wolves yet here he lay guarding young human pups. ShadowHide's fellow clan members may have called him crazy but the wolf felt a strong urge to protect these humans.  The wolf gave something of a human shrug with his huge shoulders turning his yellow eyes to his new home.

The End

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