Jade: Crying Some More

Later that day, I went to the kitchen to find something to eat. I thought about the last time I really had a meal. A few days ago, I think. I don't eat very often. I found lots of muffins, but I pushed them to the side. I grabbed some eggs, salt, and flour, and grabbed a cup with some water. 

Mixing them together, I made a nice, doughy batter. "Spatsley!" I called. "I'm making lunch!" I realized, then, that time was stopped. "Woopsies." I muttered to myself. "Didn't do it on purpose. This place is messing with my powers."

I made a nice, fried spatsley. Like little rolled out pancakes, but no sugar and not sweet. After I was done cooking, I put the food on a plate and set it out on the table.

I rounded up as many people as I could, even though it seemed that many of them had already eaten today. There was also a new boy, Brandon. It seemed he could control fire- which was super cool. I thought he was kinda nice, so I introduced myself. I smiled a little bit, too.

Some made faces at my spatsley, some said it was good, and all of them said it looked like yellow sausages. But I was pleased with myself, in any case. It reminded me of mom, who would always make it for me...

Suddenly I realised I was crying. Feeling embarrased, I stopped time so I could go to my room, and cry there. Aurili knocked. I knew it was her, as I was only then about to give time back to the rest of them.

"Come on in, Aurili." I muttered.

"It's okay." she said.

"No it's not, and you know that. Because of what I can do, I can be as emotional as I want, and is that a good thing?"

"Well..." she answered.

"Leave me alone for a while, 'kay? I'm just thinking of home."

"Alright, Jade, but we're friends, right? Please don't have anything against me."

"Sure." I said. I turned to my pillow, and flopped down onto it. "Goodbye."

"Okay," she said. "I'm leaving. And... by the way, what do you think of Brandon?"

"Get. Out." I muttered, which was taking away some of the force and power I wanted it to convey.

The End

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