Rephy : Mindmate

Kayden is sitting on the sofa with her eyes closed and conecentrated. She looks a bit dead. Okay, that's harsh. She looks abit....out. Yeah. Then life comes back to her body and she opens her mind. She sees me staring at her.

"Uh...Rephy....?" She asks me.

"Yeah.....Kayden?" I reply, suspicious of what she would do. All of a sudden, I feel like I have two minds.

Don't freak out. Don't freak out. Don't freak out. PLEASE don't freak out! The voice sounds like Kayden's.

I scream. What the? I'm going mental! I start to shake my head round and round like mad. I

t's just me Rephy! Kayden? Hi! Calm down! This is also part of my power.

Oh my word. Now I am talking to myself. 

You're not talking to yourself. This is Kayden. I can enter minds too. Take a deep breath Rephy. 

I do as "Kayden" says. It calms me. By now, some people had leaned over the banister to see what was going on.

Wow! I've tried this on my cat but I've never actually tried this on a person.

"Sorry! Um.....I didn't mean to scream." I call to them.

Suddenly, my memory flashes back to the day I saw my first crush. It was the start of the new school year. I was ten years old. I walked into the classroom and there he was, standing there, chatting with his group of friends. His light brown hair waved about and his hazel eyes sparkled. Then the teacher announced our seating plan. She also announced that I was going to be sitting next to him..........

Uh.....Kayden? I think. What are you doing?

Sorry, I'm sorta intruding aren't I? 

I don't mind, it's just that your cat is sort of kissing you. Kayden's cat had climbed onto Kayden's still body, suspicious probably. Her paws were now touching Kayden's cheeks. 

Oh dear....see ya, mind mate!

Instantly, I feel sort of light-headed. Kayden is awake again, pushing her cat off her. Now, only one mind is in my head. I sigh in relief.

"That, was so cool!" Kayden says, smiling and jumping about.

"Yeah, but I gotta say, it's sort of creepy at first."

"There's a new person! I can hear him. He just got in! A boy!" Kayden shouts. I float back to my room and tell Meita. She comes out with me, followed by Nero, who comes out of his room to see what was going on. A boy walks towards us, charming and handsome. Wow! An addition to the male spiecie!

"Hi!" I begin, "I'm Rephy! I can control gravity!" I walk up the wall and the ceiling to demonstrate. "Welcome to the Unit!! Who are you??"

"Hi." He says, "Call me Brandon. I can control Fire."

The End

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