Brandon: Fiery temper

I cant believe they got me! I mean coming into MY house, attacking MY family - im the man of the house! And stuffing me in a hacking van?!

I took off my blindfold as soon as i got pushed out of the van by rough hands.

"yo dude dont touch me!" i slung my jacket over my shoulder and glared at the guy, fire burning in my eyes. He looked at me scared for a moment but recovered quickly with a threat.

"Dont 'yo dude' me you little git" he shoved me harshly in the back.

i took out a cigarette and lit it with my finger " you want to be careful 'dude' your starting to annoy me" i stared at him once more, focusing on the heat rising in my body till i could feel it burning in my hand "you wouldnt want this in your eye... might sting a bit" i winked and flexed my muscles, jokingly aiming to throw it. he kicked me in the stomach, pushing me to the floor.

"dont you dare talk to me like that.. you lot are all a waste of space. Im glad we got to you when we did boy" he kicked me again and picked me up by my legs dragging me into a corridor. he turned to leave and i sprung up immediately to hit him, only to have my hand glance off an electric shield. i grasped it too my chest as it stung. i picked up my cigarettes and jacket from the floor and strolled casually towards the chattering i heard down the corridor.

i ran my fingers through my short dirty blonde hair and looked around, my green eyes taking in the scene.

"hows it going?"

The End

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