Kayden: Me, Fifi & Nero. The start of a plan.

Let me tell you now, I noticed what was happening at dinner! Even if no one else did. I was hanging around in the kitchen yet again, even though I'd already eaten, when Nero walked in. His thoughts were puzzling, but not surprising. I'd heard rumours of him and Meita getting a little friendly, and now I'd seen the proof with my own eyes.

I wish I could be more comforting to her, but I barely know her. Violet walking in like that, it made things really awkward. God knows what it looked like. I tried at dinner... but, what if she doesn't feel the same?

Then it occurred to me.  Me and Tami, we still didn't have a decent plan... and as much as I hate to use and abuse people... maybe, just maybe, Nero would be the key to cracking this mystery. The mystery of Meita's behaviour and the whole "meteor" business. I smiled at him.

I'm hungry.

I laughed. Boys, eh? We'd just eaten once. He pulled a face at me when he realised I'd probably heard all of that. I just smiled. "Don't let what other people think affect your relationship Nero." I said, throwing him a muffin. "I'm afraid that's all we've got." I said, with a sigh. Even I was tiring of muffins now. Then I turned my attention back to Fifi. Oh, of course, you're probably confused. Well, you've heard about everyone's personal belongings randomly turning up right? Well, same applies for my ginger tabby cat- Fifi. I'd just discovered that if I concentrated REALLY hard, I could see inside her mind. It was really quite awesomme.

It was as though I'd left my own body, and was inside hers. I watched Nero through Fifi's eyes. I felt the cat tense. "Don't worry kitty." I comforted. "It's just me." She began to purr. Let me tell you, that was a weird feeling. I saw Nero walk over to my body, concern on his face, but I couldn't hear his thoughts. "Kayden?" He asked, waving a hand in front of my face. My body, ofcourse, made no response. He looked as though he was starting to panic. Uh oh. I spoke a few words to my cat, and together we padded over to sit at his feet. He looked at us, confused. Gee. I could see I was going to have to go back to my body; I thanked Fifi for letting me invade like that and left her mind.

"What the hell was that about Kayden?" He asked. I laughed and shook my head. "Sit down." I told him. "Now, you've got to keep this quiet... I've only just found out it's possible." Then I told him about my newly discovered ability. He was shocked, to say the least. 

If only I could do that to humans, without them knowing. It could prove useful, don't you think?

The End

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