Meita: I.... Love him

I came the steps lightly. Nero was down her and the look of him just seemed to make me go calm. I reach the living area and everyone turns to look at me slightly shocked.

"Hi guys" I say waving. I have the end of the sleeves of my t-shirt gripped tightly and had my arms folded across my chest.

All signs of insecurity. "Come sit down" Nero says disrupting the silence and patting the space between him and Rephy.

I felt as if my heart rose to my throat at that moment and I knew everyone could tell I was nervous next to him as I sat down.

I saw his body tense like he wanted to reach out and touch me but dare not. I felt the same and the chit chat around me just made it more awkward.

Uh, what have I done? I think I.... Love him. My heart confirms the thought when I take a quick look at him to find him staring back. I talk to Rephy, Jade and Spenser so I keep my body turned away from him.

When it goes for dinner everyone is shocked to hear a bell. We all get up and go into the kitchen which now has alot of plates of food on the table.

"Wow" we all gasp at the same time. I feel something touch my hand and look down to see Nero's finger brushing mine. I look up and our eyes meet for a couple of seconds before I look away.

It's lucky no one noticed.... Right???

The End

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