Violet: Interruptions.

I wake up in a familiar looking bed. I stare at the dark black duvet with "I love you, Taylor Lautner" Scrawled in a print over the top of it. I laugh, and jump out of my bed. I immediately cross over to my wall. Millions of posters overlapped eachother. I look over to the other side of the room - totally white. Oh. I thought I was back home again, and all this was a stupid nightmare. Of course not. Don't be optimistic, because the fall will be harder when it doesn't work out.

"I know how that song goes," I mutter quietly to myself. I open my all-too-familiar wardrobe and decide what to wear. I pick out a long, dark blue dress with three bows underneath eachother at the top. Of course this was way too girly alone, I'd definitely have to team it up with my Converses. So I slip the dress on over my head, shove on my shoes and sit at my makeup table - this doesn't take long. Slate grey eyeshadow on my eyelid, hair straightened, mascara on.. Done.

Not knowing really where to go, I walk into the first room I see. I don't bother to knock, with the powers people have in this house, they probably know I am coming. As soon as I waltz through the small doorway, I suddenly wish I had knocked. I walk in on Nero with another girl, Meita, I think, both sitting together, her head tucked into his chest. All of a sudden, intensity hits me. Along with nervousness - the kind you get when your first crush talks to you. Obviously their emotions taking effect on me. Did I mention that my power also felt the peoples around me? That, too, got annoying sometimes, but also useful. I take a double take and then bite my lip.

"Erm.. Sorry to interrupt you." I slowly mutter, and run out the door. I write myself a mental note: KNOCK FIRST. I sigh. Jealousy suddenly surges through my veins. I don't realise it is mine until I am standing in a derelict corridoor. I shudder at this and bolt down the stairs into a muffin party. I had noticed yesterday that everybody was eating muffins. I was okay with just the one, but it was revolting after two or more. I groan as quiet as I can.

"Hey, is there anything else to eat but muffins?" I open the fridge door and answer my own question. I snatch one from in there, and sit down on the floor. I find it much more comfortable than a chair. I casually look around the room, noticing several girls.. I'd forgot who was who already. I'll know sooner or later. I catch myself chuckling lightly, as I realise the muddy mess of footprints on the ceiling that somebody had forgot to clean.

The End

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