Meita: Born to the Moon

Nero walks in closing the door behind him. I blush and look back down at the floor.

He comes over and sits down next to me. "Rephy says your stressing out again" Nero says looking at me.

"My powers won't stop growing, I can hear voices from outside the place and it hurts" I look up at him and feel tears slide down my cheek. He wipes them away with his thumb and it's quite comforting.

"I wonder why you're so powerful?" Nero mutters leaving his hand to rest on my cheek.

"Really want to know?" I ask. He looks slightly taken aback before he nods. I sigh.

"I was born at midnight on the day of a full moon" I tell him. "Cause the chemical that gives us our powers was from a meteor" I fold my arms on my knees and rest my head on top.

"We weren't born with them?" Nero mutters.

"No, when we were born, We were injected with them" I look at him. "You cant tell anyone, not even think about it"

He nods and I feel tired so I rub my eyes. I feel an arms round my back and I feel Nero pull me to him. I get myself confortable and lean lightly against him.

"Well, at least you have me to keep you calm, Right?" Nero mutters.

"Yeah" I whisper.

The End

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