Rephy : Voices

I clean up the broken pieces of china from the mug and mop the kitchen a little. Aurili enters the kitchen. Great! Just when I need her.

"Morning!" I say.

"Hey! You're up early."

"Yeah, so are you. Can you help me put this mug back together. It sort of smashed."

"Sure," she replies, Aurili put a small hand on the mug pieces and in seconds it was whole again.

"Wow!" I gasp, "Thank you! See you later!" I walk over to the stairs.

Meita had already returned to our room. Meita said something about us being the children of the Meteor. What did that mean? Were we aliens with powers? Is that why we were sent here? I float up the stairs, landing on two steady feet in front of our room. I open the door and see Meita crouching in a corner of the room with her head in her hands.

"Hey," I say gently, nudging her. "You okay? Have you got a headache?"

She looks up, "Hi, I'm alright, I feel tired. Sorry about the tea, it did smell nice though." I sit down on my bed.

"Don't worry about it." I pause, then continue. "When we were out there, you said something about us being the children of the Meteor. What's that?"

She looks at me, and looks a bit guilty. "I can hear people," she whispers, "I can hear them talking in my head, it hurts when they talk, like my brain is taken over and all there is is pain."

"I wonder what's going on. You seem to be the only one who is experiencing this. I can't imagine how you feel." I say quietly. Meita sighs. What could I do?

"I'll be back soon. I think I know someone who can let you relax." I say to her, she nods back and I walk out of the door, towards Nero's room.

The End

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