Aurili: My Room

I go into my room, well, an empty room that hasn't been used. So, my room. The bed has a purple duvet on it - just like my bed at home. There's a book thrown on it: Chaos Walking: The Ask And The Answer - just like in my room at home. I look in the wardrobe: all the clothes are either black, white, grey or purple - just like my wardrobe at home. In fact, this basically is my room at home! If only it was at home... I sit on the bed and put my hand under the pillow, underneath it are my purple shorts-and-a-top pyjamas - just like my room a- OK, I'll stop now. I put them on. I wander what time it is. 6:00 am I immediately know. I smile, knowing the time was something that came with my power. I change my 'jamas into  some different clothes, do my hair and go into the kitchen.

The End

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