Jade: Bad Dream

My room, being on the far end of the hallway, offered a nice, calm atmosphere. I sat on my bed, and grabbed a book. Strangely, it was one of mine. I opened the front cover, and there in my favourite green gel pen, was my name, scrawled in my handwriting.

"Cool" I said to myself. I got engrossed in physics and mathematics, including the shape of time. "Like a curvy rail road, time could go back and forwards, or speed up and slow down. We just haven't found a way to do this by ourselves." I started laughing. How ironic.

I put the book on a shelf and laid down. I've always had trouble sleeping. That calm, peaceful serenity never came to me except when I was reading. But I was tired. So I imagined waves lapping against my feet, lulling me.

Half an hour later, I jumped out of bed. Just after falling asleep I had a dream. I bounded out of my room and into the kitchen.

"Jade?" Someone asked me. I turned to see Raphy and Meita. Raphy was talking to me.

"Yeah?" I answered, trying to look like I had just woken up.

"You okay?"

"Bad dream." I answered. "Don't want to talk." I went to the living room, sat down on a couch, and grabbed the television remote.

The End

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