Meita: Words on the Wind

I met the new girl Violet when she woke up. I was in my room right before my fit when she had arrived.

I sigh and wince. My brain feels like it's been splintered. "Are you okay?" Violet asks seeing my pained look.

"Yea... Ow" I wince and hear the mug smash on the floor. I grip my head and fall to my knees.

We need them all captured!

They are almost- ahhh

Don't mess with me.

I open my eyes to see Violet and Rephy knelt down in front of me. Words on the wind.

But theres no wind here....

"Meita, what happened?" Rephy asks.

"Their still capturing them" I whisper. "They want us all out of society, every child of the meteor"

"The what?" Violet says shocked. Opps, I shouldn't of said that.

The End

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