Rephy : Early birds

The door of me and Meita's  bedroom closes, and I suddenly wake up. Meita was looking much better and she was smiling as she sits on her bed.

"Hey!" I whisper, "Are you not sleeping?"

"Sorry I woke you." She replies, "I'm not sleepy, you go back to sleep."

Meita did really look better. She looks calm and happy now.

"Naa..." I say, "What's the point now? Only a few hours till sunrise." I jump out of bed and look out of the window. The sky is dark but blue, and the sea ripples across the yellow sand, washing up ribbons of seaweed that catches the foam.

"Do you want some tea? I think I'll go downstairs." I ask, turning the handle of our door.

"Sure!" Meita replies. "You know what? I'll come with you!" Then I take her hand, and we skip the stairs, lean over the banister, and float down to the kitchen.

The End

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