Meita: Nero... Opps

I can't believe, I had thrown that fit. Everyone had left and I think I had just increased Kayden's and Tami's intrest to find out what I'm onn about.

I wake up in someone's arms and look up to see Nero. Opps, I push myself out of his arms blushing and sitting up.

"You okay now" he asks. I nod and look away.

"Uhh, sorry for keeping you" I mutter.

"It's okay, you were upset" he says shrugging. I think it's then he sees me blushing cause he gets nervous. "I think I'll be going to bed" he says getting up and walking towards the door.

"Goodnight" I call.

"Goodnight" he whispers before leaving. I look across at Rephy whose sleeping peacefully. Uh, I wonder what she thought about that.

The End

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