Violet: Inroductions.

I giggle quietly at the floating objects swirling around my head. Everybody had gathered around me, and I wasn't sure I like the unfocused attention.

"What's your name and power?" A girl said, slowly twiddling her hair round her finger.

"Violet," I beamed. "I can control emotions. Yours?"

The stared at me in shock. Sure I found my power useful, but sometimes it was just crap.

"I'm Kayden, and I'm telepathic."

"Rephy. I control gravity."

"Tami! Teleportation. Oh, and I'm obsessed with muffins." A grin spread across her pretty face, and I chuckled lightly under my breath.

"Jade. I control time."

"Spenser. I send images to your mind. See?" All of a sudden an image of a kitchen - I'm guessing in here somewhere - flashed into my head.

"Impressive," I sparkled.

"Aurili. Time control as well, but on people and objects."

"Zazi," The girl twiddling her hair said shyly, "Manipulating earth."

"Nero," A strangley attractive boy shouted from the back of the herd. I shook my head. No, no no. I hated liking people - loving people. Darn it! "I put thoughts in peoples mind."


The End

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