Meita: Help me

My head was burning. I held back my screams. The pain had never go this bad and in was then that I realized I had began to float everything.

I heard cries of shock from outside. "Rephy, stop it" Spenser shouts.

"This ain't me" Rephy says. It's then I scream. I kick and thrash against the bed.

I can't stop screaming the pain increases then everything falls. My breathing is heavy and I feel tears sliding down my face.

The door opens. I sit up to see Nero steping in.

"Get out" I shout throwing him out of my room but he strangely fight's against it.

I begin to cry. "Just leave me alone" I whisper through my pain. Nero comes back in and pulls me into a hug. I'm to much in pain to register the fact I'm hugging a boy and I grip his t-shirt and begin to cry.

I hear everyone running up the stairs. But I know Nero shakes his head warning them.

"I'm a monster" I cry looking at them all. "It's all my fault"

The End

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