Jade: All I Want Is Some Alone "Time"!

After that, I didn't trust Aurili. I knew she would know anything I tried to keep hidden by embeding them in the folds of time. I was scared. I liked the privacy I had, but she was immune. I knew I shouldn't be scared, after all, Aurili is a friend, but is it so wrong to want a little alone time?

I wanted the day to speed up, but I also didn't want to miss all the new people that were funeling in here. Nero seemed nice, if a little arogant. Only one guy in the whole of the Unit. I hoped the other girls weren't going to be fighting over him. I didn't like him, though, more than a friend.

I've never liked anyone. A few times I've had boys liking me, but I'de always stopped time so I could walk away. Then they'de leave me alone.

I went to an empty room, claiming it as my bedroom. I went to the wardrobe, finding lots of clothes- from home. Sweet.

A pair of coveralls with a red shirt underneath and a pink baseball cap suited me fine. I didn't want to wear the mud- splattered clothes I was still wearing. When I went back to where I saw some of the other girls, they looked shocked.

"What are you wearing?!?!?" they nearly screamed.

"Clothes," I answered.

The End

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