Rephy : New girl!

I walk on the ceiling, avoiding the lights that sort of sticks out from the ground (ceiling to everyone else except me.) I decide to wait for more new arrivers. There seemed to be quite alot, how many more of us are there? Suddenly, I spot a girl upside down. She has gorgeous black hair and sparkling eyes that now stares at me in surprise.

"Um.. " I say, "Hi!" I walk down the wall and jump in front of her. I thrust a hand out at her. "I'm Rephy, I can control gravity!"

"Hi, I'm Violet. Do you know where I am? I don't, and there doesn't seem to be signal out here." She replies.

"Well, we are in a building on an island called 'The Unit' and everyone who has special powers are locked in here to suffer. There'll probably be more. Come on, I'll take you on a tour and you can meet the others."

"Cool. Can we walk on the walls? It looked cool."

"Sure!" I hold her hand and we start walking up the painted wall.

The End

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