Kayden: Super Secret Spies!

"That's it!" I said, rumaging through my draws. Did I mention that I was quite conviniently kidnapped from the airport on the way to my mums house? Dad had decided that I was going to spend a few months there... she was always so much better with dealing with my power than him. 

"What?"  Tami asked.

Sounds kind of irrelevant doesn't it, my trip down under?  Well, it's not. That meant that I happened to have a lot of my personal possessions with me- including a book to read on the long haul flight to Australia.The book that I was planning on reading, was called "The Diary Of A Teenage Super-spy". Bingo! Not that I was planing on reading it of course... there was no need. Spying. That's all I needed to know. 

"What's it?!" She asked again.

I looked at her, my eyes glistening. " We're going to become... TEENAGE SUPER SPIES!" I grinned at her, proud of my self for coming up with such a genius plan. She looked at me as though I had two heads. Then she began to cough. Then she practically rolled around on my bed, which she was sitting on, crying from laughter. I was NOT impressed.

Teenage super spies! Ha ha ha! Oh, that's FUNNY. Oh my god. Phew. I can't stope laughing.

She looked at my serious face and her own fell.  "Wait," she said. "Your not joking are you?" I leaned towards her eagerly, and looked around the room to check no one had snuck up on us to listen in. "Here's the plan." I said.

Half an hour later, we we're all set to leave- my room that is. The plan was this; Tami would teleport us both to where ever  Meita was. We would position our selves somewhere out of sight, and I would listen to her thoughts. We would wait until we heard anything interesting. If she showed any sign of blowing our cover, then Tami would be there to teleport us back. Where could it possibly go wrong?


The End

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