Violet: Dammit.

"Mum?" I run down the stairs, ready to ask her where my favourite studded belt was. No reply. I search the house.

"Mum?!" Hm. I'll phone somebody. I turn towards my room, to find my phone.

"Stop right there." An unfamiliar voice echoes through my kitchen. I freeze, dead in my tracks.

Who the?

I turn on the heels of my feet, spotting two muscular looking men. I run towards my room, grabbing my phone and shoving it into the pocket of my dark black skinny jeans. I charge back downstairs.

"Sorry 'bout that." I smile. Acting confident and unafraid is easier than I'd thought it would be. I hang my hand over my pocket, disguising my phone. It all happened very quickly then. The two men sped toward me, and took my wrists. One of them shoved a blindfold over my head, shielding my eyes from the world. I focused, and tried to calm him down. Dammit. Nothing.

I was in the back of a van, I had established. This ride seems short, and I was soon thrown into a room, landing on my butt.

"Ouch!" I mutter quietly, half to myself, half to the perverted men. I don't like being kidnapped. I whip the blindfold off, and stand up. Oh. It seemed nice in here. Very.. um.. spacious? I spot a full length mirror and quickly make sure I don't look retarded. My black hair hangs fully over one eye, the rest reaching my feminine shoulders. My eyes are a dark, hazelnut, liquid brown - almost black, in fact. My skin is naturally pale, fragile and delicate. My crimson lips are slightly parted in the view I was given. I have layered a long sleeve, striped purple and black top with a black vest top, which sticks tight over the top, complimenting my figure. I sigh in grimace as I realise my belt would have gone with this so well. I shrug, and just stand in the doorway.

I pull out my mobile and try to phone Mum. Darn it. No signal in this place?! I sigh again, realising nothing is happening, and wander into the long depths of this building.

The End

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