Meita: 1 Year Ago...

I skip happily along the street feeling the wind on my face. I turn the corner and see Hazel waiting.

Hazel's the school bully.

I step back scared and slightly frightened. "Hiya gym freak" Hazel says walking up and shoving me.

I step back and feel a tear in my eyes. "Your fault your mum died, you know? She couldn't cope with you and all your activities"

I feel a tear slide down my cheek but don't say a thing. "What's the matter gym freak? You don't have any moves to beat me, no martial art, backflips, fencing" she says grabbing my sword from it's scabbard across my back.

She pokes me with it. "Come on speak freak" Hazel hisses. She continue's to poke me.

"Stop it" I scream.

The rest of this memory was a blur to me. I remember a car, an ambulance, then my dad.

He looked at me like I wasn't his.... that I was just a freak. Then the goverment came. They took me, I scream and they had told me I was luckily I wasn't in prison.

Hazel had gotten brain damage. So I went with the goverment they trained me....

Then on day they said I had to go to the Unit. I screamed as they took me telling me that I wasn't the only one gonna be put away for my dangerous gifts.

But there was one part that shocked me. "Don't worry you'll still be the powerful one"

The End

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