Kayden: A plan?

Tami had just finished telling everyone what happened after she followed Meita. I listened, well looked, to her thoughts for any other clues. In my head, I saw Meita's face. My, did she look pissed.  Wait. Oh my god! I was SEEING people's thoughts! How cool!

I tried to explain to the others why it obviously WASN'T just her headache. They all still seemed a little clueless though. Then they just carried on with whatever they were doing before; talking, joking and practising their powers. I looked at Tami and she gave me a look as if to say: somethings up.

I looked into her thoughts again.

We need to find out what's up Kayden.

She thought to herself, well, to me actually. I nodded slightly to show I understood. She then gestured discreetly to the hallway upstairs. In her head, I saw us teleporting up stairs, into my room.

We need to talk- we need a plan

She thought.

Something isn't right here, and I don't feel like telling the others right now.

 I nodded again and placed my hand on her arm, and with that, we teleported upstairs, just like she'd thought.

The End

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