Meita: Peace

"I think Meita won that one" I hear someone murmur. I land perfectly on my feet.

"Think I forgot to mention I'm a gymnastic champion" I say smiling.

"What your saying is you used your powers?" Aurili says.

"Actually my powers didn't come through till last year" I say laughing nervously.

Everyone stares at me shocked.

"No hint?" Someone says.

"Nope" I say shaking my head.

"No accident"

"Nah ah" I continue to shake my head.

"Than how come you so good?" Nero asks. I freeze. I jumble my thought's so they aren't clear and see Kayden's look of confusion.

"I'm going to get something to eat" I say walking off.

No way will I talk about my past. It was sad and lonely and the reason everyone got brought here to some extent.

They thourght my powers were to dangerous....... I hope my brains to messed up for Kayden to hear this.

The End

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