Rephy : Minilympics

It was chaos. I try to lift the mood off everyone.

I shout upside-down. Well, it is the highest point I could get.....

"Hello!" I shout, everyone turns and stares at me.... "I think, now we have quite alot of people here, we should have a Minilympics! We can run in the corridors and it'll be really fun!"

"Okay," "Yeah," "Alright, sounds fun.." I hear people murmer.

"Great!!" Then I jump down from the ceiling.

(10 minutes later.....)

Me, Nero, and Tami lines up at one end of the corridor, ready to race to the other side. Meita's headache is getting better, but for now she rests. Kayden is having a conversation with her. They are discussing about something. Zazi is still in the living area, she said she might join us later. Jade was the Judge, we thought that she would be able to know who came first if there was a close call. Rules were, 1) Powers are allowed, 2) No physical contact, 3) have good sportsmanship 4) you have to actually run on the track.

Jade blows the sharp whistle, and we set off down the 100 metre track. I nudge gravity a bit. Suddenly, everyone except for me feels heavy. I keep running, everyone else was stuck, moving step by step. Kayden laughs.

"Rephy's making gravity heavier for the others." She says, Nero, and Tami groan. Tami couldn't get anywhere, because she couldn't teleport or it would be against rule number 4. Wait, why am I even running? I should be making it harder for me to run, and letting Nero get to the finish line first! Arghh! I fight the thought. It's Nero. It's Nero. Don't let it get into your head. Wait, it is in my head. Arghhhhh!! I can't concentrate and the heavy gravity is let off. The people behind me start running like mad. I am only a few steps away. I cross the finish ribbon and whoop! Everyone cheers for us.

Gymnastics time!  Spenser, Tami, Aurili, and Meita stand on the ground, spaced out. I take gravity away and the five of them float into the air. At least they wouldn't get hurt!

The End

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