Kayden: Stuck


Dammit. All of a sudden, everybody stopped talking. Meita had done some crazy air magic and everyone went silent. What the hell? Unfortunately for me, it was not silent in my head.

I can't talk!
Oh my god! Have I gone deaf?
Why did she do that?! HOW did she do that?!
Arrrghhh, I'm gonna die!!  

God knows who that last one was. It was kind of a jumble of panicked thoughts you know? She removed what ever she had done and everyone started talking again. Loudly. Ouch. 
"Jade, pause time" Meita demanded. Jade paused time, and the weirdest thing happened. It felt kind of like a blur. You know when you day dream, and no time seems to of passed? It was almost like that.  I could still hear their thoughts. It was the same as usual; when I focussed hard I could hear their thoughts, but everything went black. My mother always believed that I was actually in their mind. But I wasn't so sure on that... why didn't I see pictures? Anyway, I heard Meita laugh to herself.

I almost hoped that wouldn't work.

I was suspended in time, and wasn't even aware of my body, yet I was still thinking. I heard Jade mentally gasp.

She's freakishly powerful.

Time begins again and I snapped out of my trance, shock and fear probably evident on my face. 
"You can't be beat". I hear Rephy mumble. She was right, I might of been able to hear her thoughts still, but I couldn't act on that, or communicate it to others. What was the point?

So much for everyone fitting in. I'm like the grim reaper.

I sighed and looked at the others. Then I made them all sit down. I needed somebody to help me work out what the hell was happening with my power.

The End

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