Meita: Just zip it

I had a headache and no one would stop talking. Everyone was in the living area and this was driving me nuts.

"Are you okay?" Nero asks. I groan and shake my head.

"Will everyone just zip it?" I shout. Silence fills the room. I look up to see their mouths moving but no words.

Everyone looks at me and I can't help but be a bit embarassed. "Sorry" I say and return their speach.

"How the flip did you do that?" Nero asks as everyone watches.

"Everything depends on air" I say smiling. "Jade pause time"

She does it and I smile at her. "How can you?" she mutters.

"My own little air bubble, start please" Everyone begins to move and I see the shock but fear on their face.

"You can't be beat" Rephy mutters.

"Air is the most powerfullest sorce but it's harder to control. My head burns if I use it to long" I say.

So much for everyone fitting in. I'm like the grim reaper.

Can kill and destroy if I want.....

The End

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