Kayden: so many new people

**Back in the kitchen**

Okay, I admit it, I'd gone back to get another muffin. I was hungry okay?
There was alot of us now, I was almost starting to lose track of all the different powers. Let me get this right:

Meita - She Juggles Potatoes.
Rephy- She makes us all float.
Tami - She pops up from nowhere all the time.
Jade- She can control time
Aurili- She controls time too?
Spenser- she puts stuff in your head. WOW.

That's 7 of us altogether. Though, that couldn't be right. I could hear another persons thoughts. Another girl. I focussed hard and listened to what she was thinking. Most of what I hear is muffled.

Ouch. Why am I here?

-muffle muffle-

Do I have to meet new people? Oh great, I'm nervous.

-muffle muffle-

I'd say my hair is my prettiest feature.

Then she started talking about using her hair for insulation. Awweh, how sweet. I giggled. ' I think,' I though to myself, 'that we'll get along just fine'.

I walked back out of the kitchen as I was thinking this, and what a surprise. Standing in front of me was none other than the girl in question. She was right, her hair WAS his prettiest feature.

It would be weird if she knew I was just thinking about wrapping myself up to sleep in my hair. 

 I laughed again. "Hi" she said. I grinned at her. 
"Hey!" I replied. "I'm Kayden, and I'm a telepath. Nice to meet you! You'll be glad to know we have blankets here." I winked at her and chuckled. She just groaned and looked embarassed. "Zazi." He said.

There wasn't much time for introductions though. There was a new arrival, Nero, and he was messing with peoples heads. I decided to go check out the commotion, dragging my new friend with me. Just before we left,  Tami arrived in the kitchen. She grabbed a muffin, then left in a stress.

Damn pusher!

Oh dear. 




The End

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