Tami: Don't. Mess. With. My. Head.

Some guy with black hair walks into the room. Everyone but me goes up to him and starts asking questions. He says he's a Pusher, whatever that is. I ask and he smiles at me. I've never seen him before, but suddenly I've known him all my life. I wonder why I thought he was a stranger. 

"Nero! It's been so long!!!" I run and hug him. He laughs and says something I don't catch. My true memory comes back again. Why am I hugging this guy- I don't even know his last name! He leaves and everyone crowds round me.

"Tami, that was so funny!" 

"What did it feel like, Tami?"


I am annoyed at Nero and embarassed, so I teleport to kitchen and get a muffin, the teleport back to my room.

The End

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