Jade: New Arrivals

All these new people! At one point, to save time, I speeded everyone else up. But then it was kinda hard to follow the conversation. Appearantly Aurili could control time as well, though in a way slightly different from me. Then I decided to do something really stupid. I walked away.

Nearly stopping time for the others in the kitchen, I walked down the hallway I had just come down. Guards lounged at the exit, laughing.

"Hello" I said, trying not to fiddle with my brown hair. They looked at me. "What is the nature and purpose of this facility? It escapes me, however much I try, to find out why you would wish to lock us up, perfectly sane and normal human beings, except for our unfortunate abilities. So, again, why have you put us here?"

"Containment reasons." one answered. "That's all we can tell you."

That didn't comfort me, so I walked back, making faster time so they would see me walk down the hallway in a mili-second. When I was back in the kitchen, I made time faster again.

But I think Aurili could feel the long pause I had made in time. I forgot her power! I slowed time once again, and walked over to her. "Can you feel it, the speed of time?" I asked.

"Tami's brain got messed up." she said, looking at me, smiling. "You know my powers. And you can't hide things from me."

The End

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