Nero: What's Going On?!

I fidgeted and yelled, attempting to yank my sore hands out of the rope that was tied behind my back. I was bound. A punch hit my stomach, making me wheeze like a person who has smoked for fifty years. 

"Shut it boy. We'll be there soon." a low voice yelled. Then I heard a door open, and I was quickly untied and thrown into a room, listening to a slam of a door behind me. 

I slowly got up, wiping my face and shoving a hand through my thick black hair. I looked at my body, I was unscathed...apart from the bruise on my stomach and red marks on my wrists. 

I walked into a room lit with a fire place, hearing voices from a nearby kitchen. I balled my hand into a fist, ready for attack and swung the door open. A group of girls turned and started giggling at me, I immediately stood up straight.

"Hello." a girl walked forward, placing a hand out for me, I shook it then let go. "I'm Meita." I smiled and pushed my hand threw my hair again.

"I'm um...Nero." I watched the girls sigh and gaze at me, dazed with their hands to their chests, I took a step back. "What um...where am I? What's going on?" I asked.

"Oh, well this is the unit." a girl pushed forward and smiled at me, twirling her hair. "We all have powers."

"What's your power?" another girl asked.

"Yeah, what's your power?" a third girl asked. I raised my hands in surrender, stepping back again. They began to walk towards me. 

"I'm a Pusher..." I said uneasily, they all stopped.

"What on gods earth is that?!" a girl at the back called, the only girl that hadn't been walking towards me. She stretched on her tiptoes so I could see her face. She grinned.

"I can put thoughts in peoples heads, and make whatever lie I can come up with, the truth." I looked over to the girl at the back. "You've known me since I was born." I lied with a grin, my pupils in my eyes getting bigger so they covered my entire eye. She looked at me dazed and snapped her head up.

"Nero! It's been so long!!!" She ran up to me and hugged me. I smiled and looked at everyone else over her shoulder.

"I've never met this girl in my life." I laughed and gently pushed her away. "I'm going to investigate, bye...everyone." the girl stood staring silently.

I paused and turned at her, watching girls whisper at her saying, "Tami, Tami!" so her name was Tami? That was a nice a name. 

The End

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