Zazi: Streets To Strange Island

He said his name was Daniel. Just Daniel. Another street-er, like me. He treated me so kindly, like no-one I’d ever known. I trusted him and he mislead me. How do I know this?

I know this because waking up on a boat; with the Poppies that he had given me in my hand, dead, is not where he said we were going when I climbed into the ‘stolen’ van that Monday evening.

In fact, I say to myself, as I am marched onto an island, I have no grasp of whatever time it is at the moment. Of all the abilities I could have been born with, why didn’t I get Time Travel, or something? All I get stuck with is an ability to manipulate Earth. Which isn’t too bad as it fits so much with my Taurean personality. I would be worried if I wasn’t born in May, to be honest…

The front door of the establishment on this strange island was thrown open and the man escorting me barked, “In!”


“No questions! In!”

So I walked into this large hall-type room, and instantly my hands shot to my neck, and started twirling a strand of my golden hair around a finger. It’s what I do when I’m nervous-I can’t help it, my hands just start playing with my thick locks when I meet new people. Lately I tried to cut my hair-a new look, like a bob or something, but it grows awfully fast. That must be because of the fact that I love my hair being long. I’d say my hair is my prettiest feature. I’m quite short and a little overweight with slightly slanted yellow eyes and almost-slits for pupils. My nails and hair grow quicker than normal people’s, I’ve noticed, so I don’t get as cold because my hair insulates me. Nobody really noticed me on the streets, and that’s way I preferred, as people have glanced at me as though I am ugly alien…

A girl about my age walked in from another room, munching happily on a muffin and smiling to herself. It would be weird if she knew I was just thinking about wrapping myself up to sleep in my hair. I swear, just then, it grew another length.

“Hi…” I giggled nervously, showing odd-shape teeth.

The End

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