Tami: Muffin?

"Hi" says a voice behind me. I look up. A girl with light brown hair is standing in the doorway. 

"Hi, I'm Tami, what's your power?" I say. 

"It's hard to explain. It's like I have a remote control that works on anything, except the fast-forward buttons broken. What's yours?" she says.

I hold out my arm. "Hold on tight," I say, then teleport to the kitchen, taking Aurili with me. She looks a bit stunned. I can't tell whether it's the sensation of teleporting or seeing Meita use her air power to pass muffins to Rephy, who is juggling them upside-down on the ceiling. 

"Hello... Aurili, is it? I'm Kayden, that's Meita and Rephy's up there," she says, pointing at the ceiling, "and Jade around, but I'm not sure when."

"List powers, people. Air manipulation," says Meita.

"Gravity control."


"Teleport," I say, emphasising the port in case there is any confusion. Then Jade arrives too fast again and says "I'm Jade, time control."

"Me too, but it's more controlling the movement of something through time." says Aurili.

"Muffin?" I ask her. She takes it.

"Hey guys, I just thought. If Aurili can rewind the shield to when she got brought in, couldn't we escape?" I wait to see if anyone agrees.

The End

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