Aurili: Capture

I scream. I kick. I bite. I shout. I threaten. None of it works. I carry on thrashing and struggling to get free. The idiot carrying me just tightens his grip on my wrists. Of coarse, I'm just pretending to be weak and helpless. I'd let him drag me through thick mud, purposely splash me with the aurs as he forced me to travel in his stinking boat. And now I let him drag me across the gravel,ruining my trainers, under the impression that he's in total control. Which of coarse, he's not. He drags me inside where I pretend to give up and go limp. I rest my fingers on his wrist 

"Stop" I sigh. The man pauses where he is. I work my hands out of his vice grip. I put my fingers on the marks he's made "Rewind" I  and they disappear. I do my clothes next so that I don't look like a tramp to whoever's here. I tie my tangled brown hair back, not sure what is mud and what is hair because they're both the same colour. I know my grey eyes look just as boring as the rest of me. My white clothes (school uniform) make me look even more boring. Pretty boring for a fourteen year old.  I walk down to where rooms are. I go into one. There's someone there. "Hi" I say as cheerfully as I can manage.

The End

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