Meita: Air against gravity

"Oh, can I see if my air powers can balance this out?" I say smiling.

"Sure go ahead" Rephy says. I close my eyes then consentrate then we all hit the ground hard.

"Ow, Meita" they all shout.

"Sorry" I say opening my eyes and releasing the air so we all begin to float again. I hear the door open.

"Umm.... Hey?" The girl murmurs. I smile and use my air powers to stand back on two feet.

"Hi" I say offering my hand. "Welcom to the Unit"

"Hey" everyone else shouts. Rephy releases the gravity and they all land on their feet.

I turn to Rephy. "You gave me a thought" I tell. I turn to face a wall and run up it doing a backflip when the gravity is to much.

"What that's not fair?" Rephy moans.

"I didn't do what you did and I can't go to high. I use the air push against the gravity" I say smiling.

"Umm.... Excuse me but what is the Unit?" The new girl asks.

"People with powers" Rephy says. "I control Gravity"

"I manipulate air" I say tilting my head and smiling.

"I read thoughts" Kayden says.

"I teleport" Tami says. "What do you do?"

"Umm, I control time"

We all stare shocked.

The End

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