Rephy : Taking a walk

I decide to daydream for a while in my room. Meita was on the computer on the desk next to me. She was reading on this website called Protagonize or something. Anyway, I closed my eyes and started thinking about cherries. Without noticing, me, Meita, the wardrobe, the computer, the bed, and everything free standing started to float like we were in space or something.

"REPHY!" Meita exclaims. I snap out of my daydream, then suddenly everything drops with a loud thud.

"Yeah, yeah??" I ask, "Sorry! It sometimes happens....." I grin. "I'm gonna visit Tami and Kayden, wanna come?"

"Sure!" She puts the computer on sleep mode and stands up.

"I wanna show you something, hold my hand." I say. She puts her hand in mine, confused. We walk out of the door.

"Okay, don't freak out. Just, walk." I explain. Then I start to walk up the wall. Holding hands, Meita follows beside me with her mouth open. I have to admit, it can be quite crazy, walking on a wall.

"Oh my gosh! This is sooo COOL!" Meita shouts.

Tami and Kayden come out of their room next to ours and screams in awe. We reach the ceiling and continue. This time I walk with dry feet. Suddenly, Meita's hand slips. I take away gravity and she floats, safe in the air. Tami and Kayden are floating too. I walk down the wall and bring gravity back. Meita lands on the floor with two feet.

"WOW! That was awesome!" she says, "Can we do it again?"

"Um, yeah!" I reply. "Tami, Kayden, join us? We should find out more in this Unit, and find out where the toilets are, I have an emergency, but it'll hold. "

"Too much information!" Tami says. We giggle and all hold hands, me at one end of the line. Then one behind the other, we walk up the wall.

The End

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