Rephy : New Girl


I arrive on an island, I was basically blindfolded the whole way here. I nearly puked in the boat, as no one offered me a travel sickness pill. I am assisted to a building with a lot of windows. A lot of bedrooms? I enter and immediately a guard comes up to me and hold both of my hands behind me.

"Don't even try to move, or fidget." The guard threatens, "The last two ladies who came in were not an easy job. Thankfully, I was given a taser. Don't make me use it."

I ignore him. He wasn't very nice. Through a prison-like sliding gate, I step through a shield and into what seemed like a huge apartment with lots of doors. Red carpet and light green walls greeted me. I take off my wet cherry pumps and walk on the new carpet. My brown medium-length wavy hair blocks my view and I clear it away with my free hand. I hear some chattering somewhere. But I don't know where it comes from. After a long corridor of bedrooms, the floor grows a hole that oversees the kitchen. A girl with blonde hair and a girl with black hair with stunning eyes stare back up at me.

"Hey!"One of them say, "I'm Kayden! I heard you when you came in. Come on down!" I didn't make that much noise did I? I'm sure I was quite quiet.

"No, of course you didn't make much sound. I'm a mind reader!" she continues. I sigh in relief and walk down the stairs beside the wall.

"Hi!" The black-haired girl says to me. "I'm Meita. I can manipulate air!" She demonstrates and lifts up eight potatos in a mexican wave. "Tadaa!"

"Wow!" I whisper the first word I could think of. "This is incredible! My name is Rephy, I can control gravity." I walk up the kitchen wall easily, then on the ceiling and then back down the other side of the room. I look up, my wet feet stained the walls and now there was a trail of footprints on the ceiling. Oops. Kayden giggles. Meita's mouth was open as she followed my footprints up the wall.

"Awesome!!" They say together.

The End

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