Kayden: Mind games

The guard practically carried me through the doors, kicking and screaming. Where was I? And why was I here?! I appeared to be in some sort of living area. Rather than jumping on the couch like I usually would, I concentrated and listened hard. From somewhere nearby, I heard a whisper.  It was a little fuzzy, I was still getting used to this power. It was a girl, definitely and my, did she have weird thoughts! 

One potato,
two potato,
three potato,

I heard an almost child like giggle. What the...?  I started to wonder.

five potato,
six potato,
seven potato, more! 

More laughter. I followed the voice across the room, and saw a slightly open door in front of me. I slowly pushed it open and peered inside. What was before me was one the weirdest sights I ever had seen. Stood in the middle of what I had now learnt was the kitchen, was a girl about my age. She had long black hair, and really pretty eyes. She was a complete contrast to me, I guess, with my fair blonde hair and piercing green eyes.  But that wasn't the unusual bit. In the air, floating around her, for no aparent reason, where POTATOES. About twenty of them.

When she saw me, shock appeared on her face and the potatoes dropped. She smiled feebly, baring the expression of a child caught out.
"Hey." She said. I just looked at her, then the potatoes.
"Hey" I finally replied after a long pause.

Gee, I must look a right freak.

I laughed and gestured to the potatoes. 
She answered my unspoken question. "Practise". She said.
She looked at the floor where I had gestured and chuckled. And then, with a wave of her hand, the potatoes flew through the air and settled back in the bag. 

WOW. And I'm the one stuck with reading minds? 

The End

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