Meita: First in the unit

I fall to the floor and glare up at the guard just as he closes the door. An electronic shield comes up and I scream in anger.

I get to my feet. My trouser are mucky and my t-shirt clings to my skin. I walk down the corridor my electric blue eyes scanning every corner. I come to a chamber.

It's a large living area with a stair case leading to a bacloney made of metal. It's sort of like a prison but its very luxurious. I run over to the stairs. "Hello" I shout my bell voice echoing.

I force the doors open with my mind and notice there's no movement from within. I sigh. Theres so many bedrooms which means there must be more people.

So I'm the first at this Unit.

I lean on the rail and my head drops my hair surrounding me like a black vail. It's hip length and naturally straight. I also have a side fringe which covers my right eye.

I look down at the ground floor. I point my hand out at a door and force it open to reveal what looks like a kitchen. I smile and begin to explore down stairs. Only two doors lead of one to a bathroom and the other too a kitchen. Then there's the corridor leading to the exit.

I look around the kitchen. I spot a fridge and open it with my mind. I see cans of coke and use my mind to manipulate the air to bring it to my hands.

That's what I do see, I control and manipulate air. I sigh and walk back into the living area. I slump into a seat ad open the can taking a swig.

Might as well relax and wait.

The End

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