Psychic Crash

A meteor lands on earth and when people go to investigate they find not a rock but a chemical. They inject it into children born in the year 2000.
Now in 2016 all the children have grown up but non of their lives has been peaceful.
All of them are being sent to a goverment containment unit cause their powers are to powerful to be allowed out in the open

The unit is a building on a island. Anyone who lands there and discovers its use will be forced to stay and killed if they try to excape.

It was built for the children of the meteor. Well, it wasn't a meteor it was a chemical for psychic powers. The chemical was put into all the children born in the month June to April in the year 2000.

Each child was dependant but all had only one gift. Now it's the year 2016 and the children are starting to find their gifts. So the goverment of every country are capturing the children and sending them to the unit.

But what will happen when you put all these children in the same building?

The End

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