"Where the Hell are you?" I said.  I looked in the mirror, and fixed my hair. I had awoken in my room, with the T.V on, and Joans picture on the local news.

"What?" She said. her voice souneded confused.

"The New peopel say you were found passed out in the Mc Donlads bathroom, what the hell hapeended." I looked in my suitcase, and found a pink leo.

"Um..I got sick. Listen what time are we suspose no my Claire?"

''Um..a hour." I looked at my clock, and looked at the clander. "Yea, at eleven. Where are you, I'll send Gavin to pick you up. We have to go over our dances....god I hope we don't have impove."

"No..I'll be at the hotle in a half in hour. Just get my nice leo out, K?"

"Yea, hurry."

The End

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