I looked around at half of Mathan in this tiny Mc Donalds. I was not going after Joan. I turned around, and walked out of the Mc Donalds.

I hailed a Taxi, and asked to drive me to Gap, Aero, Hollister, or American Eagle  witch ever was closer.

He drpoped me off in Times Squre, with a map.  I gave him my Card, and waited. He handed it back, and I walked into a store. I got a bag of candy, and one of those stupid I heart N.Y.C shirt. It will be good to dance in, I thought.  I looked at my clock, it was only 4:30,  and I  was dressed like a ganster. I headed to Gap to see if there was anything I wanted,  there wasn't.

I hailed aother taxi, and headed back to the hotel.

The End

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