The crowd had carried the scene straight out of step up 2 into the MC Donalds I had found refuge in.  I had been debating buying myself a quarter pounder with cheese, a large fries and a chocolate shake before sneaking off to my hotel room before the chaos intruded on my ordering.

Soph yelled out to me "hey Joan want to do it again"  It wasn't really her fault but that didn't stop me from flipping out on her.  The invasion of my privacy was getting to be too much.  "I don't care what the freak you guys do but you CAN NOT make me go along with your stupid plans all the time.  I have a life, I have a very important audition tomorrow and I can't be doing this!  Just leave me alone!"

 I didn't bother to look at Sophina's reaction to my outburst but headed towards the ladies room.  I hadn't even eaten anything today but I knew that purging would make me feel better.  I kneeled over the toilet, not caring if anyone noticed my strange position facing the toilet instead of away and stuck my index finger down my throat.

I coughed and nothing happened.  It was hard when you hadn't eaten in a while but I knew i could get something up.  I took a sip from my water bottle and tried again.  the familiar release, burning and sputtering came.  Then I saw the red. blood?  And then I don't remember anything but the strange smell of toxic floor cleaners and French Fry release as I hit the cheerfully red and yellow checked linoleum floor.

The End

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