I was bemused and slightly irrate by Sophina's eradicate behaviour however I figured I might as well indulge her whims if for no other reason than to amuse myself.  I headed down to the radio shack and bought the most expensive hand held camera I could find.  When I returned back to the hotel I found an interesting combination of masculine clothes laying over my bed.

In her usual passive aggressive style a not scribbled on the hotel's stationary in a cheerful pink sparkly ink read, "put this on, bring the video camera and meet me out front <3 Soph"

I put on the unflattering costume which while unattractive was admittedly comfortable, shoved the video camera into my bag and headed out.  Before I got to the elevator I realized that I had not yet called that jerkwad stalker yet.  I don't know how his number got programmed into my cellphone but I hit call and told him Sophina's cryptic plan.

"I wasn't expecting to get a call from you, Ballerina Barbie" came Gavin's annoying voice.

"beleive me it wasn't my idea"

"Well I'm glad to see your warming up to me.  Sophina has just like I knew she would."

"Sophina may have some weird Stockholm syndrome crush on you right now but you better not mess with her if you know what I mean"

"chill out, pluck the tutu out of your crack and listen, I care about her so just back off."

"look Sophina wants you to do this so I'm doing her a favour and asking you, end of story.  don't let her down and don't even think about talking to me."  I slammed my flip phone shut as violently as I could manage and met Sophina outside.

When we had all been told the plan and got set up in time square the three of us took our places for what would become the most memorable performance of our lives.  As Rihanna's sweet voice filtered over the crowd Sophina and I performed our balletic routine in our gangster gear.  Then as Eminem's rapping broke through the chorus Gavin dressed in a hillariously accurate recreation of rihanna's bikinni bra booty short outfit,complete with heels and a short red wig began performing his best b-boy moves.

We drew quit a crowd, candid video's of our impromptu performance went viral in minutes.  Suprisingly I found the experience to even be a bit fun.  Towards the end of the routine Sophina and Gavin ended up doing a duet.  With the music coming to an end I drew my hood over my face and darted into the nearby Mc Donalds to escape seeing anyone who might actually know me, it was fun and all but when all was said and done it was down right embarrassing.

Sophina and Gavin stood together amidst the crowd.  The small girl smiling up at him as the flashes of camera's lighted their faces.  I could hear through the windows of the restaurant shouts and cries of "hey kid who are you?",  "more, we want more!"

The End

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