I sat in the room with a man I was told was my Laywer, Joan and her Grandmother, two cops who stood behide my chair, a judge, and Gavin.  They all wathced me as I filled out the paper work.

I sighed, singed my name, and answered the qustions. Than, I was handed enven more paperwork, after Mrs. Bellon singhed as my Leagl Guranrdin, for the restaing order.

"Um..I don't want one." I said.

"WHAT?" said six people,not Gavin.

"No thank you. I feel bad. " I said. I dropped the pen, and stood up.

"Thank you Gents, Mr. Lawyer Person, Your Honnor, and Gavin.  Have a wonderful day." I walked out the door to a bunch of confused older people.

The End

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