I was simultaneously amused and mortified at Soph's behaviour.  I knew that Gavin wouldn't press any charges so I saw the police's arrival as an oppertunity to get rid of the Gavin problem once and for all. 

I took my bewildered grandmother aside and explained the situation to her.  "what Stella wouldn't change her classes, that's ridiculous!" " I know but we've got to do something about this." "Let me take care of this."

When the police arrived I let my Grandmother talk to them.  A good twenty minutes later she returned to us with some papers.  "bad news is that you've got to go sown to the station to fill out some paper work Sophina.  Good news is that you will be getting a restraining disorder against that young man without having to go to court."

"Thanks Grandma" I said

"all Iask for in thanks is that you come and visit me now and again."

I smiled, I guess it wouldn't hurt to spend more time with her.  Sophina grabbed my arm and twisted it uncomfortably, "what time is it?"

"can we still make the show?"

The End

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