Than I saw him. I jumped over the table, kicked Joan in the head, and a whole bunch of other people i ddin't really care about.

"YOOOOOOOOU!" I yelled. Gavin stood there with the studist look on his face.  I heard yells, calls to 9-1-1 about this 'Devil Child," and Joan yelling at me and Gavin (Telling him to duck she had know idea waht I might do)

I jumped on his back, and snuck my teeth into it. I swear I tested blood, but Joan pulled me off.

"What the Hell, Soph?" she said.

"It's him." I said. She held me about two feet off the ground, 'cause I was kicking the air.

"I know who it is. Sophina, people called the cops. Your going to get arrest if I don't come up with something."  She set me down, and motined for Gavin to come here.

"Say your sorry," she told me.

"Sorry," I said under my breath.



"Ok, Baby Girl, Its ok." He said.

I clunchted my fists, and waited for the cops.

The End

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