I pulled Sophina into the Cafe and looked for my grandmother.  She was sitting at a small table by the patio looking elegant as always.

"Hi, this is Sophina my roommate at the academy"

"yes, I've heard a lot about you"

"so how are you finding things at the school Sophina?"

"Well it's been a little rough adjusting I'll admit but it's already helped me a lot"

"Well you stick with it and I promise Stella will find all the talent you've got, bring it out and polish it until you shine brighter than any other girl on a stage.  I trust that you girls are in good hands with my old company chum."

"you danced with Stella?" asked Sophina wide eyed as a waitor came to get our order.

"what do you girls want?" asked my grandmother.

"oh we don't have much time just some coffee for us" I interrupted before Sophina got us stuck here longer than we needed to be.

"do you have frappaccino's? Sophina asked irratated.

"we sure do little lady, caramel, vanilla, or mocha?"

"oooooh mocha!"

after our order was taken and me and my grandmother's black coffee's were sitting infront of us my grandmother prodded as I knew she would. 

"So I know you girls are busy but you should really come down to the house some time.  Maybe after the show? Anytime really, You know Joan I got you that car so that you could come visit me once and a while.  I could show you some old photos of Stella when she was a principal ballerina."

Sophina reached to receive the frappaccino from the waitor, "I don't know if we'll have time . . ." I muttered before Sophina blurted out, "Sure I'd love to!"

The End

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