I sighed as Joan pulled me out of the Aero store. I had just bought 400$ worth of cloths, and joan had bought a pair of jeans. I didn't even get to Hollister,  and my Daddys credit card was just getting warm up.

"So, where are we going?" I asked. I walked with Joans long strids.

"A place."

"Can I change at that place?"

"The next plave we are going you can." She sighed, and pulled me inot a small cafe'

"But isn't the next place the theater?" I asked. We sat at a table, with four chairs.

"No, now sit up and smile. Your meeting my Grandmother, and if she hats you, you will here about it. Talk nice, and try to bring up Gavin. She'll like that story. And, she'll be on our side.

I smiled, and looked at the door. And guesse who walked in?

The devil him self, Gaivn.

The End

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